My name is Tracy. I’m 29 years old, and a Christian.

I live on a farm on the South Coast of Cork where I get to see the Atlantic Ocean every day. I’m passionate about a number of things, including: following Jesus and living to serve Him; children (I work in a preschool); knitting; and tea (one of my favourite pastimes in drinking tea and chatting with friends)!

Why start a blog?

Writing a blog is a new adventure for me. I’m a regular reader of blogs, but to be honest I never thought about writing one myself. However, in late 2018, I had a conversation with my pastor, Mike. He asked how I was doing, and I expressed to him that I was feeling a bit worried about the new year. My job situation had changed and, as a result, I have much more free time on my hands – time I don’t know what to do with! Mike’s response surprised me, “Why don’t you write a book?”. A book? What would I write a book about? As I thought some more about it, the idea grew on me.

Though, instead of writing a book, I’m attempting to write a blog! This blog will be a space for me to explore and process lessons I’m learning in my daily walk with God. My hope is that this opportunity to write will help me to reflect and grow, practice openness and honesty, and maybe even share struggles and lessons that others can relate too.

I hope you will join me in this new adventure – feedback and advice is welcome 🙂

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